Faculty of Arts, University of Warwick

A prime example of don’t judge a book by its cover. A building that doesn’t look to unordinary from the outside, hiding a hugely complex atrium and with a giant steel staircase encased in timber running through the centre. The first challenge on this new build was to form a huge beamed deck 15m wide and spanning the whole length of the atrium to firstly to keep the building weathertight and secondly to allow the installation of the largely sized roof light.

The next challenge was to design and erect one of the most complex birdcages MSS has seen to date. The birdcage coming from the ground floor up to roof level and spanning over and under the huge steel staircase in the middle included numerous bridges, beam work, cantilevers and drop lifts. The birdcage’s main purpose was for the balustrade install but then large adaptions were required for the dressing of the buildings stunning timber finish staircase.

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